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Roof Replacement by Richard Felser Company

With decades of experience in roof replacement, Richard Felser is your one stop shop for a new roof.  You’ve seen our ads and heard our name for decades so you know we are doing something right to stay in this business!  How do we do it?  It all starts with building a top notch crew that works well together, and knows their trade.  With a crew that’s been together for many years you get people who are quite experienced, fast, very safe, knowledgeable, and quite tidy!  Thanks to our roof replacement installers we can offer you great prices and a quality job!

Get a Fast Roof Replacement Estimate

Work with a company that’s been around for well over 50 years with a solid reputation in greater Pittsburgh and Beaver County area.  Call one of our offices today at Beaver Valley 724-728-0988 – or – Monroeville 412-373-0414.  You may also fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP.
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If you are still shopping around then keep us in mind and keep an eye on the following indicators that your roof is about to cause you trouble.
  • Torn or Missing Shingles – Shingles are your roofs membrane and once they start to go, your roof is exposed to water that can penetrate your home and start to cause all sorts of havoc.
  • Roof that’s 15 years or Older – Although there are some types of roofs that can last longer than 15 years, many of the older materials tend to decay and water infiltration can occur FAST.
  • Rusted Flashing, Missing Flashing Pieces – Flashing is the metal that surrounds your skylights, chimney(s) and other pipes.  Its a barrier that keeps water from coming in.  Once this starts to go bad, water can its way in.
  • Ceilings and Walls That Are Deteriorating – If you see your paint and/or drywall looking like it has discoloration, is “bubbling” or warped, then those are signs of water slowly finding its way through.  Normally the insulation and drywall will absorb a certain amount of water before it comes in.  As soon as you suspect something is off, contact us and we will help you determine the problem and solution!
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Find Out Your Roof Replacement Cost

Get your roof replacement estimate from a company that’s been in business for over 50 years!  We can give you the cost and help you devise a plan so that you can have a new, strong, long-lasting roof on your home in no time!  Call one of our offices today at Beaver Valley 724-728-0988 – or – Monroeville 412-373-0414.

Richard Felser Company Roofing Replacement is Ready!

We service most of western Pennsylvania including the following towns.  Use the following handy links to find driving directions to our shop. Aliquippa Beaver Bethel Park Brookline Butler Carnegie Cranberry Township Monroeville Mount Lebanon Pittsburgh Sewickley

Roofing Experience Counts

Richard Felser Co. has been in the roofing business for decades, and we know how to provide the best roof replacement services with minimal time and expense. 

No surprises

We offer a solid warranty on all of our service, and back it up with our outstanding customer support and service, if you ever need it – call us today and experience the difference.

Roofing Quality you can trust

Richard Felser Co. is licensed, insured, and brings decades of experience – what more can you ask for? Our team is second to none when it comes to quality workmanship.

Technology is our specialty

At Richard Felser Co. we use the latest and most effective technology so that you can be sure that your roof replacement will be completed without any hassle or delay.  We have the crew and the best gear to get the job done right, accurately, and affordably.

And don’t forget that we are also vinyl replacement windows experts!

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Understanding Roof Damage: Early Signs and Solutions

Signs of Roof Damage

Identifying signs of roof damage is crucial for proactive maintenance. Torn or missing shingles expose your home to water damage, while roofs aged 15 years or older may experience decay, leading to rapid water infiltration. Rusted or missing flashing pieces compromise your roof’s protective barrier, and deteriorating ceilings and walls indicate water seepage.

Professional Roofing Services

At Richard Felser Company, we excel in professional roofing services that address a myriad of issues. Our experienced crew, with decades of experience and collaboration, ensures a speedy, safe, and tidy process. We offer competitive prices and unparalleled quality, making us the go-to choice for your roof replacement needs.

Delving Into the Basics of Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Basics

A complete roof replacement goes beyond mere re-roofing. It often involves the meticulous removal of old materials and the installation of a new, sturdy roofing surface. Unlike quick fixes, a roof replacement provides homeowners with peace of mind, knowing they have a durable solution.

Materials for Roof Replacement

Choosing the right materials is pivotal in ensuring the longevity of your roof. Our guide explores various roofing materials, considering factors such as cost, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Make informed decisions with insights from seasoned experts.

Cost Analysis: What to Expect

Understanding the cost of roof replacement is essential for budget planning. While factors like roof size, materials, and angle contribute to the overall expense, our comprehensive on-site review will give you a solid idea of roof replacement cost, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

Navigating the Roof Replacement Process

Step-by-Step Guide
Embarking on a roof replacement journey involves a systematic process. From removing old roofing materials to installing a stable and secure surface, our step-by-step guide ensures clarity and transparency in the entire process.

Roof Replacement Costs in 2023

NerdWallet estimates the average roof replacement cost at about $11,000. However, this figure can vary based on roof size, materials used, and geographical location. Understanding these nuances is crucial in preparing for your roof replacement project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I need a roof replacement?
A: Look for signs such as missing shingles, an aging roof, or deteriorating ceilings and walls. If in doubt, consult with our experts for a thorough inspection.

Q: What sets Richard Felser Company apart in roof replacement?
A: With over 50 years of experience, a skilled crew, and a commitment to quality, we offer unparalleled roofing services, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction.

Q: Are there cost-effective alternatives to full roof replacement?
A: Depending on the extent of damage, roof repair may be a viable option. Our experts assess the condition and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

Richard Felser Company stands as your trusted partner in achieving a robust and enduring roof. For a detailed roof replacement estimate and expert advice, contact our offices in Beaver Valley at 724-728-0988 or Monroeville at 412-373-0414. Experience roofing excellence with Richard Felser Company!